One of the most popular reasons that people buy their first network attached storage NAS is the ease and versatility of setting up a cheap and fully featured Network Video Recorder NVR. Almost all modern NAS feature surveillance support to a greater or lesser degree, whether it is a proprietary application like Surveillance Station or QVR Pro, or the NAS can support 3rd party applications like milestone surveillance.

However the NAS server is only part of the ideal surveillance network setup and in order to capture your recordings, you will need network supported cameras, known as IP Cameras. We have seen many, many cameras at NASCompares and because it is such a confusing subject, we thought we would make a small guide to help you choose the right outdoor IP cameras for your NAS server. The three camera are the best of the ones we have reviewed and can be purchased from Amazon on the links provided.

Do support this site by clicking them to visiting Amazon, as this costs you nothing to do and will continue to support this site for years to come and help other NAS users. Way better than the Arecont that I had. Pick your focus area and let it take care of it — no fiddling to get it just right. You may not need them all, but there is probably one of two that are key to your Surveillance NAS setup.

The two biggest problems with choosing the right cameras are. Below we have narrowed literally thousands of IP cameras down to less than 15 different cameras. Each one has made it onto the list thanks to it excelling in a particular area. Cameras listen to feature either Power over Ethernet POEWiFi, an affordable price, recording resolution of at least 4 megapixels and are all suited for outdoor use.

Its main reason for inclusion is on the left-hand side. Great article, insights are much appreciated, in particular the way you explain the variety of options one would need to pay attention to…. Skip to content. This is the ability for a camera to monitor more than just what it is originally pointed at once it is set-up and gives a greater degree of coverage to both the users that access the camera and the NAS server itself.

So you are able, for example, to set up a recording routine path of motion and direction of recording via the surveillance NAS and it, in turn, will move to adjust and recalibrate the camera as you demand. It is worth remembering that some cameras will only do this when prompted manually, whilst others can conduct this manually and in reaction to movement see motorized smart tracking.

As I am sure you are aware, the larger the number of megapixels rated, the higher the resolution and quality of your recording output. However, there are certain key factors to bear in mind when considering a camera with a high megapixel rating.

Firstly, if you start higher resolution recordings, it will not only create larger recorded playback files for retention on your surveillance NAS, but larger files may also consume more bandwidth on your network.

One or two cameras and you will not notice any real delay or drop in latency on your network, however, once you are using 6 or 7 IP cameras with a high megapixel rating, drops over a standard one gigabit ethernet 1Gbe network are to be expected and dedicated switches of both POE and non-POE are recommended.This website uses cookies to store info on your device.

How to setup QNAP NAS for Hikvision IP camera

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The Hikvision App Store is launched! Also you represent and warrant that you are of the legal age of majority in the jurisdiction in which you reside at least 18 years of age in many countries.

Manage Accept. Learn More. Enter the Store. Add to Compare. Temperature Screening Solution. MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals. Touch-Free, Access is Easier than Ever. Hikvision Blog. HikCentral Software. Product Selector. Hikvision's Core Technologies. Innovations for a Smart and Secure World. March 26, Hikvision launches LED display product line.

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Hikvision has years of experience in providing monitoring screen displays for surveillance centers, and launching the new LED display product line also marks February 28, The power of intelligent parking management. March 25, Hikvision announced new access control and time attendance offerings, the MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals, promising a new era of face recognition access control February 11, Hikvision launches new generation of AcuSense products.

View all. SECON Jul 6, - Jul 8, G67 Seoul, Korea. ISC West.

How to setup QNAP NAS for Hikvision IP camera

Jul 20, - Jul 22, Sep 8, - Sep 10, E London, UK. When cutting-edge video meets analog infrastructure. Hikvision helps Singapore residential RiverGate retrofitted and modernized with its two wire video Intercom system. Hikvision cameras incorporate deep learning technologies to identify and respond to health and safety risks in the mine automatically, and in real time.Forgot your password?

I have managed to get reasonably far in that I upgraded the camera firmware to V5. When I look at the storage man screen it indicates of the 50GB I have allocated is available. When I format the device it immediately turns to complete and no files are written. The device then appears as uninitialized within the screen. On the Windows side I have allocated two new empty partitions, 50GB, each to the cameras and have created a share for each of them.

On the permissions side the username that I am logging in with has been configured with full read, edit and modify rights.

I feel like I must be missing something obvious as I cant find any other posts with a similar issues. Please post a screen shot of the camera's page that shows the storage path. I think that some Hik cameras actually have a table that has the IP in one cell and the path on another. Just make sure the slashes as as above and not the other direction.

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It is strange indeed, my server is used as a central storage device so it has lots of shares on it and I am no stranger to configuring such things. It does feel like the server is accepting the connection.

If I change my username for example the server appears offline. So I feel like the config must be right. Maybe there is an issue on the server side that I am not thinking about?

It should be a formatted partition that I am connecting to right? Here are some screenshots of my config, I am not sure there is anything particularly strange there. I should also note that I did a factory reset on both after loading the new firmware. The only changes thereafter were:.

Just tried again having done another factory reset and this time leaving the port configuration the same. No difference? Okay it seems like nobody has any idea what the issue could be with my set-up.

Does anyone have any good ideas of how I could get this to work using NFS as an alternative? I understand that these cameras are more stable if the drive is dedicated to the camera, does this mean I would need to use two instances of FreeNFS?

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Thanks for your advice. Which menu do you refer to? The camera menu does not have any option to mount it, however if I refresh the screen it appears that the share does mount. It just mounts with 0 GB free, which is incorrect as there is 50GB available. Has anyone got the cameras working with FreeNFS? I have just tried linking to the NFS share but it is appearing offline? Tried opening the firewall etc. Interesting development. I was running various testing scenarios and discovered something interesting.

Sharing a single drive to the camera resulted in the camera not initializing the drive. However if I share a folder within the drive then the camera seems to initialise properly.

How to add a Third Party NAS Drive to a Hikvision Camera

I now need to test that both cameras will record, but at least I am one step closer. I have no idea why the share does not work directly from a drive - Very odd.

hikvision qnap

Hello, I am having pretty much the same problem with my camera firmware 5.Setting up local video storage for your IP camera is a very common requirement, even if you are using cloud storage as the primary storage for your IP camera, many customers will still want to have redundant, local storage in case there is an Internet outage.

The good news is this can easily be accomplished with almost any medium-range and up IP camera, and even some cloud video surveillance platforms allow local storage options to be easily configured and retrieved from the cloud apps.

Best Outdoor IP Camera for Synology and QNAP NAS

Our screenshots are from a QNAP device but these steps are generally true for any device. Begin by, i ensuring your NAS basic setup is complete according to its user manual general setup, firmware updates, etcii you have your login credentials handy, iii the NAS is connected to your local network including identifying its internal IP addressand iv you can reach the NAS UI from your web browser.

Step 2: Basic Hikvision Setup. Follow your NAS instructions for creating a partition — if using a new or separate hard disk drive HDDcreate a partition on that particular drive. Step 4: Create Share Folders. You will need to create a share folder for each camera that will be using the NAS. Step 5: Hikvision Storage Setup. Screenshot below shows where this is done. Here you click on any slot and fill in the server address internal IP of the NAS and the file path share folder you created in step 4.

Also enter the username and password of the NAS. Use the Test button to validate connectivity to your NAS. Step 6: Configure your Hikvision camera recording settings. This is probably worth a blog post in and of itself, but the basic idea is you need to configure the Hikvision IP camera so it knows when you want the camera to record motion detection, scheduling, etc and where you want it to record in this case, the NAS.

Figure 3: Hikvision Storage and Event Config.

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There is a lot more to this topic than can be covered in a short blog post, but these are the main steps and you are now also aware of the main stumbling blocks to getting NAS recording setup for your Hikvision camera!

And you know the best part? Our apps make it easy by ensuring the right configuration settings are applied to the camera, making it easy to setup and get going. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Privacy Terms. Quick links.

Post Reply. If anyone could please provide some tips, that would be greatly appreciated. In the camera web GUI, configure the motion detection settings, enable motion detection and the arming schedule, and ensure trigger Channel is ticked in Linkage Method. In Surveillance Station, under Event Management, add and enable a recording action for a motion detection event. I have a question. What exactly do you mean by "ensure trigger Channel is ticked in Linkage Method"?

Could you please help me figure it out using the attached screenshot? You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Trigger recording A1 enabled, but no motion detection triggered For some reason I don't get an alarm recordings.

I only get the all-time ones. I have the motion detection as well as the alarming scheduled setup. Trigger recording channel is also selected but I have no joy My setup is is as follow: Surveilance station version - 5.

I suspect this has happened since I upgraded to it Screen Shot at Apparently there is a new version of SS which is 5.

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This one seems to have no issues with alarm recordings!Step 1. Step 2. Enable Microsoft networking service. Check the box for Enable file service for Microsoft networking. Step 3. Step 4.

Step 5. Step 6. Click Edit to modify the access privileges of the folder. Step 7. Click Format to initialize the system.

QNAP NAS Community Forum

The formatting time will vary according to the capacity of the shared volume. The recording to the NAS will automatically start once the formatting is done. Enable NFS service. Create a shared folder for NFS access. Click Create to create a folder. Enter the folder name. For example: hikNFS.

Click the ICON to open the access control page. Example: Note: The folder name was configured at step 3. You can playback directly through the Hikvision camera page. Log on to the web page of the camera. Navigate to Playback.Privacy Terms. Quick links. Post Reply. It seems to be working great. I have scheduled recordings turned off.

I have looked and looked for ways to change the sensitivity but can't find the setting anywhere. Where can I find these settings? Access the camera's web GUI and set up motion detection as needed. Hikvision cameras have traditional 'motion detection' where you can set the sensitivity, the area to be monitored, and also an 'expert mode' where you can create several areas to be monitored and apply different settings.

They also have 'line crossing detection' and 'intrusion detection' under 'smart events' which can be used to tune down unwanted events such as bugs and insects and other such nuisances. You can enable 'rules' local configuration and 'VCA' Video Content Analytics - Advanced configuration to get the camera to show visually in Live View what has triggered the motion event.

And you are wasting the excellent image quality and detail of a Hikvision camera, whether it be 1. No idea why that never crossed my mind! It seems so simple and it never even crossed my mind. Reduced the sensitivity and now its recording more accurately. Thanks a bunch for the quick and detailed replies! Contact Moogle Stiltzkin.

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